PC Tots has been an incredible place of nurturing and discovery for our kids (4 and 1). We were
fortunate enough to be available to start when PC Tots doors first opened and have thoroughly
enjoyed watching everyone grow together. Having moved to Park City just before opening, PCTots gave our kids and us a place to meet and connect with other families.
— Clay, Emily, Pike and Janis Karz

Hola, Mi nombre es Elsa Delgadillo y mi esposo Juan Almontes somos los padres de el niño en la clase de guardia. Estamos muy agradecidos con el programa de PC Tots por estar haciendo un my buen trabajo con nuestra hija. hemos viso muchos cambios buenos en ella pro ejemplo ella ya sabe much el Idioma Ingles, es mas independiente, mas sociable etc. etc. Solo queremos agradecer todo su escuezo y gran ayuda para nosotros. Gracias PC Tots!
— Elsa Delgadillo

I recently moved back to Park City in January with my two boys. I am a single working mother and am grateful for PC Tots. When I first moved back to Park City, I was looking for a daycare that offered hours past 5:00 and I needed the cost to be affordable. This was a big challenge until I found out about PC Tots. I was excited because it was exactly what I was looking for. My boys get to play, learn, and go outside daily. My boys have been going to PC Tots since they have opened and they love it. When I drop them off in the morning I never worry because I know there in good hands.
— C.T

Choosing the right daycare was a big decision for my husband and I as we were expecting our first this past May. We checked out several centers around town and I know we picked the best! I love the care and interaction that my son gets each day during his time at PC Tots and he is always so happy when we pick him up at the end of the day. It is hard leaving your little one in the care of others while you work but I always know that he is in good hands and that this program will continue to enrich his development.
— A.D.